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Stop Spread Bad Bugs: help fight antimicrobial resistance

SSBB is focused on the discovery of novel antimicrobial approaches to reduce multidrug resistant bacteria. The aim of this project is to investigate whether certain NDO's or AMP's exhibit anti-infective effects on pathogenic respiratory and gastro-intestinal bacteria and hence support the “healthy” diversity of gut microbiota in poultry.

It's a PhD project born out of a collaboration between 14 leading European R&D laboratories from universities, industries and technology institutes.

The PhD student is mentored by both Utrecht University and Anitom. Anitom is also responsible for coordinating and conducting the broiler trials at our facilities.

Anitoms tasks:

  • 1 Testing of anti-infective effects of new antimicrobial compounds in conventional broilers
  • 2 Administering of new antimicrobial compounds and evaluation on health, zootechnical parameters, microbiome and immune system

NeoGiANT: the power of grape extracts

In order to fight AMR, NeoGiANT will develop novel natural antimicrobial products for the control and prevention of the most relevant diseases in animal production based on natural extracts derived from white grape marc as raw materials. The use of these alternative products will relegate antibiotics only to the treatment of acute infections and reducing their current prophylactic use.

Anitom is responsible for coordinating the in vivo feed trials. This involves the management of animal trials with pigs, cattle and fish that are performed at partner institutions. Furthermore, we conduct broiler trials at our facilities.

  • Natural antimicrobial &
    antioxidant properties
  • To fight AMR
  • Multi species
  • Feed additive
  • Treatment products
  • Semen extenders

Our Team.

Tommy van Limbergen
DVM, diplomate ECPVS
Managing director
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Our Team.

Anniek Bus
Project manager
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Our Team.

Elien Vrancken
Clinical research assistant
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Our Team.

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